Properties and land protected in Tiverton, Rhode Island by the Tiverton Land Trust

Land Protection

Properties Protected

Pardon Gray preserve

Pardon Gray Preserve


The 230 acre Pardon Gray Preserve was purchased and preserved as permanent open space by the Tiverton Land Trust in 2000. It is an active farm and forest preserve adjacent to Main Road in South Tiverton and contiguous with the 550 acre Weetamoo Woods Open Space. The property, originally part of the Pocasset Purchase signed in 1676, contains many colonial artifacts including the Gray Family Historical Cemetery, an old well house (restored as a visitors’ kiosk) and original stonewalls.

Pereira Property

Pereira Property


TLT purchased 48 acres of forest from the Alfred and Mary Pereira Family in the summer of 2006. The acreage fronts to the west of Main Road, near its southern junction with Nanaquaket Road. It is part of the largest undisturbed forest in the East Bay Region known as the Pocasset Ridge. The ridgeline is visible from Main Road for its entire length. The Town currently owns 130+ acres within the Pocasset Ridge area and is contiguous to both Weetamoo Woods (550 acres) and Pardon Gray Preserve (230 acres).

Funding partners: RI Greenways Grant Award (an open space bond grant through RIDEM), The Nature Conservancy of RI, Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Inc., and contributions for land acquisition from TLT membership.

Basket Swamp

Basket Swamp


Basket Swamp, formerly known as Sandywoods, is a 96-acre forest purchased in July 2009 from Dr. Joseph Bossom and Mika Seeger. The land will be kept as forested open space that will allow a trail system for public access limited to passive recreation. The woods are highly scenic and visible to the public along 385 feet of frontage on Bulgarmarsh Road and an additional 2,500 feet of frontage along Cornell Road. It follows the stream corridor of Adamsville Brook, a principal tributary of the West Branch of the Westport River.

Funding partners: RIDEM, The Nature Conservancy of RI, the Bafflin Foundation

Durfee Property


Durfee - TLT purchased 63 forested acres, part of the Pocasset Ridge, from the Lorraine Durfee Estate in May 2011. The oak-hickory forest overlooks Nanaquaket Pond to the west; its granite ridge lines are clearly visible from Main Road. Half of the properties extending along the ridge are now held in permanent conservation.

Funding partners: RIDEM, The Nature Conservancy of RI, The J. Philip Anderegg Estate, BankNewport