Nature is always hinting at us. It hints over and over again. And suddenly we take the hint.

~ Robert Frost 

TLT purchased 48 acres of forest from the Alfred and Mary Pereira Family in the summer of 2006. The acreage fronts to the west of Main Road, near its southern junction with Nanaquaket Road. It is part of the largest undisturbed forest in the East Bay Region known as the Pocasset Ridge. The ridgeline is visible from Main Road for its entire length. The Town currently owns 130+ acres within the Pocasset Ridge area and is contiguous to both Weetamoo Woods (550 acres) and Pardon Gray Preserve (230 acres).

Funding partners: RI Greenways Grant Award (an open space bond grant through R.I. Department of Environmental Management), The Nature Conservancy of RI, Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Inc.