Nature is always hinting at us. It hints over and over again. And suddenly we take the hint.

~ Robert Frost 

The public opening of the Pocasset Ridge Conservation Area on October 3 was a quiet affair. Five members of the conservation partners managing the area: Tiverton Land Trust, Tiverton Open Space Commission, The Nature Conservancy – took off the tape and uncovered the new sign draped in a plastic tarp.

Management emphasizes protection of the area’s natural communities and wildlife, while providing a level of public access compatible with preserving the wilderness quality of its ecosystem.  Please note that PRCA is a dog free property, so if you visit please do not bring your canine friends. We have many preserves that allow dogs; however the combination of sensitive bird nesting grounds, along with the need to create a hiking opportunity for folks who are not dog lovers, influenced this decision.  John Berg led a preview hike during Land Trust Days.  One of the hikers, Paula White, expressed her sense of awe: Inspiration throughout the woods, from the trees, mushrooms, and snakes found. The weather was just perfect.... I would definitely recommend this hike.

PRCA team 1


Left to Right: John Berg (TNC), Eric Watne (TLT), Garry Plunkett (TOSC), Brian Janes (TOSC) and Nancy Weinstein (TLT).