Nature is always hinting at us. It hints over and over again. And suddenly we take the hint.

~ Robert Frost 

A Country Day at Pardon Gray has become a signature event marking the beginning of fall.  People of all ages flock to the Tiverton countryside for an old-fashioned, fun-filled day.  The organizing team, however, has a slightly different take. Do we have all the volunteers in place? What's the weather forecast? Has every detail been rechecked? After months of planning, it is show time.  

Only with an organized and dedicated group of volunteers can this fall festival take place year after year. It is an opportunity for the Tiverton Land Trust to give back to the community that supports us in so many ways.

The 2017 event was no exception, though Hurricane José kept us guessing. As a true labor of love, Wayne Browning once more drew on his vast experience to lead the planning committee. Eileen Browning, the ultimate detail person, quietly worked to keep the rest of the group on task.  Sue Thayer-Kramers continued to secure vendors, exhibitors, and set up tent and site plans, while Kim Herfert (2016 TLT Volunteer of the Year) was invaluable in calling on her network and overseeing the children’s activities.

As in the past, George Alzaibak took on the task of providing live music all day long, including his daughter Patty’s heartwarming rendition of The Star Spangled Banner, performed on a new stage platform that George provided. If you enjoyed the TLT grill, thank John Foley, former TLT president, and his grill hands who cut, chopped, and cooked your lunch. Pie for dessert was organized by long- time volunteers Marcia Phillips and Diane Sanna, with a crew of gracious pie servers and Diane's granddaughter cutting  brownies. 

This year, two new committee members joined in. Kelly Levesque, known for her involvement in many community organizations, took on the challenge of recruiting  volunteers, without whom we could not run this fair. She interfaced with Tiverton High School students as well as adults.  Lindsay Epstein helped with networking and support duties.  She also provided pottery lessons at the event.

These are not the only people who make A Country Day at Pardon Gray possible.  Numerous adult and student volunteers join in.  From old cars, tractors and fire trucks to climb on, hay wagons to ride, animals to pet, vendor wares to buy, and exhibitor booths to learn from, it is a concerted effort. Thanks to the planning committee and to all our volunteers, sponsors, vendors and exhibitors for making the day so memorable.

We are always looking for new folks to join in organizing this annual event, as well as potential board members and other volunteers to help the rest of the year. Contact us at

--Sue Thayer-Kramers

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