Nature is always hinting at us. It hints over and over again. And suddenly we take the hint.

~ Robert Frost 

Egg Hunt

It was a bit nippy, but the chill did not stop over 50 kids from enjoying their egg hunt at Pardon Gray Preserve.

The Tiverton Land Trust (TLT) and the Environmental Neighborhood Awareness Committee (ENACT) sponsored the event and volunteers from these two organizations, as well as students from Tiverton High School, collaborated in 'hiding' 1400 eggs in two marked off sections of the Preserve.

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Community Forum Held

On Tuesday, April 5th, Robert M. Thorson returned to the Tiverton Land Trust as a guest speaker for its Spring Community Forum.

His illustrated slide talk, The East Bay Sense of Place: Geology, Culture, and Unnecessary Losses, explained how the landscape came to be, why it's special, and how modernity is having an impact.

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Guided Nature Walks

The TLT has initiated a series of guided nature walks, beginning this past fall.

The first, a Full Moon Walk, took place in November, 2010. Because it was so successful, another – an Evening Walk in the Woods – happened in February. A Dawn Stroll Patrol was held at the end of March and A Vernal Pool Walkabout was held in April. 

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If You Build It...

One of the many children's activities during September's Country Day at Pardon Gray was making bluebird boxes.

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