"The marsh, to him who enters it in a receptive mood, holds, besides mosquitoes and stagnation, melody, the mystery of unknown waters, and the sweetness of Nature undisturbed by man."

~ Charles William Beebe (1877-1962),
Log of the Sun, 1906 

About 28 people showed up to visit the vernal pool. In New England, the term vernal pool is used to refer to a wide variety of temporary, fish-free wetlands. In the narrow sense, a vernal pool is a temporary wetland which fills each spring (vernal means spring) and dries annually. Some may persist for several years before drying. The peepers cooperated when we got to the pool. We got a close up look at a salamander and salamander eggs (see our Facebook page). Also saw a few bats flying overhead. Fun time!
*Picture courtesy of D Sanna